They will show you flowers

I have two friends who take flowers very seriously. One because she’s a perfumer and the other because she’s a psychiatrist. Both enlighten me on this subject and emphasize how important it is to be surrounded by them and incorporate them into our lives. They are therapeutic: they brighten life and educate sensitivity.

Is not a perfume but to make its essence yours? Surely that’s why it’s uncomfortable to be asked about its brand. We are reluctant to reveal something so ours. I don’t think it’s a matter of exhaustion but of invasion of intimacy. I’m not exaggerating. Many years ago I found “my smell” of spring-summer and autumn-winter. Also that of morning and night. Discovering them causes a sensation similar to opening a secret chest that hides a formidable jewel. I confess that when they tell me that “you smell good”, he just smiled. There is no need to develop more (and whoever asks gets it).

The aromas say a lot about us. My friend, a perfumer, is convinced that changing the perfume brand is logical because we are constantly searching for intensity. But what is really strange is to modify the aromatic notes that attract us, that captivate us. They are in our DNA. It’s a sign of identity. If they start attracting notes that you weren’t looking for before, it’s because something traumatic has happened in your life. They are hard words, from an inflexible perfumer with her theory about the aromatic tastes of the human being.

If you listen to her develop which zones of our body are susceptible to be perfumed and which should be avoided… the schemes would collapse (I mean those of the art of perfuming) because most of us are confused. It is also very interesting to know how to perfume our homes (in another post I will tell you).


My other friend, the psychiatrist, is convinced that we should create our own floral paradise. Looking for a place in our day to day life to take care of flowers and plants. It avoids bad thoughts and brings vitality and joy. She assures that when dealing with something so beautiful, the return is extremely pleasant and predisposes us to reflect and meditate positively. “They say it is good to talk to plants. It is reciprocal: plants and flowers heal the spirit. Don’t dismiss this advice lightly…

The Pepita t logo follows this philosophy. It is woven from rose petals, crimped into fresh green stems. It is extremely feminine (although I claim masculine wisdom in this field). It is not traditional, contemporary, avant-garde or vintage: it is floral. In fact – and this should be a secret – we are considering the possibility of creating a perfume. We want the well-being of flowers to condense into well blended notes.


A long time ago I traveled with my father to Tokyo and while he works he left me “high” in the hotel. They organized ikebana days. The Japanese art of imitating nature in interiors to represent the cosmic order. It sounds shocking, I know.

I was there for two days. Same as in Lost in Translation but with a much less interesting plot. Half an hour before starting the floral arrangement, the expert invited us to meditate. When selecting the flowers, she insisted that we repair their respective stems. “They are thirsty,” she said tragically. He urged us to immediately put them in water and cross the most injured so that they “drank quickly”. So it is impossible not to cultivate a compassionate spirit.

The flowers have to be seasonal and artistic mastery consists of harmoniously combining the structure, rhythm, and colors of the arrangement (the typical three lines). The choice of recipient is also key. The result is the reflection of your relationship with nature, for which you have had to let your emotions flow previously.

The most beautiful was displayed in the lobby of the hotel. At that time I was a teenager and my relationship with nature was like my floral arrangements: chaotic. Mrs. Akane laughed at the bajini as only Orientals are capable of doing. But my friend – who knows the human mind so well – points out emphatically that that skunk falls within normal parameters. It relaxes my mood, really.


Jesus of Nazareth himself warned of them: “Behold the lilies of the field […] I tell you the truth, not even Solomon, in the splendour of his glory, was clothed like one of them. Beautiful phrase.

Flowers clothe our lives with beauty. That is why we have always wanted to capture them in art, fashion, decoration… All the colors of nature are contained in them; in all their ranges and intensities. Even the way of naming them in any language is exquisite in many cases. It seems that the peoples of the earth have agreed not to confess them and to misfortune them with rude names.

Lila, Camellia (what an exquisite taste of Gabriel Chanel!), Peony, Gardenia, Poppy, Begoña, Orchid… all of them at our disposal. Add them to your life, take them into account, and test your sensibility and good taste. They will show you flowers.

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