Behind Pepita t are two sisters from Madrid who are passionate about beautifying what surrounds us. We are Elena and Lola Jaramillo, two women determined to join forces and talent to offer a Spanish firm open to the world. We propose, using the spirit of haute couture, exclusive and unusual garments, made with extreme care, studied design and selection of fabrics.

We want to dress women who dare to adapt the extraordinary to the everyday. Expert women whose gaze is directed to the excellent, claiming uniqueness. Our collections are limited, subject to continuous review. Some of its pieces are handmade and unrepeatable.  

Art guides us and is the great culprit in seeking excellence in every single detail. Let our passion make you feel like an extraordinary woman, out of the ordinary. 


The Majas of Goya hide Josefa Tudo, known in that convulsed Spain as Pepita or La Tudó. Beyond the woman portrayed in a singular pose, we have rescued the person who, without proposing it, ended up being the character. He left no one indifferent: monarchs, aristocrats, nice and kind… who with their unmistakable rebellious spirit defied France and Napoleon, who were the same thing. 

Each era brings with it women who, like Pepita Tudo, become stars who guide our way of internalizing what surrounds us, regardless of their controversial behavior.  And all that magic, that magnetism, stands out and is displayed in the dress. 


The Clothed Maja  by Goya



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