Rejuvenating is not in the skin

Start over and rejuvenate the beginnings. That’s why it’s a good idea to get in touch with professionals who are beginning to make their way. If they are also artists, the sensation of freshness and emotion increases considerably. If, to top it all, they are actors and actresses, the lifting is total, without anesthesia, and painless. Really, youth should not be associated only with the skin.

I confess this feeling because yesterday I went to see an impressive play in which Claudia Melo plays. She is the beautiful young woman who has been the model for Goya’s La Mirada Collection and La Comedia del Arte. I say “did” well because she is an actress. And outstanding, by the way.

We are used to going on holidays to see theatrical and cinematographic premieres. It’s gratifying, really. But has anyone thought about what’s going on in alternative theatres? I assure you that it is vibrant. It’s a shot of authentic novelty. I confirm that you return as new, dusted of exhausting recurrences, scripts and hackneyed stories, and of predictable special effects that numb our imagination and life approaches, most of the time.

Take off years. Pull jeans, feather, and sneakers to go to the theater. Open your mind and settle into a seat in any row (because they’re all close to the stage). Think that for more than an hour you are a blank page and let yourself be infected by what the new talent is willing to give you. In short, what happened to us every day in those twenties of our lives.

Valle Intramp is an adaptation that the novel playwright Kees Harmsen has made of the grotesque Bohemian Lights. There are all the characters from Valle Inclán’s play. There is also Valle’s Madrid. And the grotesque of living in a deformed and inconsiderate country. There is the economic and moral ruin. There is failure and death. It is all but framed in the reality of the 21st century. It’s Valle, but it’s also Harmsen. It is provocative as it was in 1920.

After the show you have the opportunity to chat and have a drink with the director, the actors, the technicians, the usher, the one at the box office… They are lively and sparkling. Cults and committed to their ancestral profession. Can you have access to something like that in another type of theatre in your city? It is worthwhile to premiere something so new.

If you have never done it before, I invite you to live an experience of this type and you will realize that it is the world of theatre companies that have been happening throughout the history of man. Who knows if yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a universal without knowing it.
You can see them in Nave 73 and in April in the Corral de Comedias de Alcalá de Henares.

Claudita’s character is played by Claudia Melo (carambola). You know that Pepita t and art go hand in hand. If it weren’t for him, we’d be stuck in a dry dock without any encouragement. When it came time to consider who to count on to bring the garments to life, we thought that an artist would be coherent. Pulling the thread (which is sewing), we met this young Valencian woman on a kind September morning. We had a coffee on a terrace and started talking.

It was all uncertainty, as cannot be otherwise in a young woman who arrived in Madrid at the age of 17 with the firm intention of dedicating herself to interpretation less than a decade ago. It seems like a scripted story, but it’s as real as life itself. “When I had a fever shortly after moving, I called my parents crying because I didn’t know what to do,” she remembered laughing; poor parents!

I was struck by the seriousness with which he takes his job. I was fascinated by how he is able to rule out easy, profitable jobs in the media. I was proud to see how, in spite of the difficulties, she is determined to dignify the profession by dignifying herself. She was trained at Cristina Rota’s school and with Darío Facal. You have seen her in television series (El Barco, Amar es para Siempre, El Comisario…) and in films such as Hablar. In theatre she was fabulous in El perverso mundo de los cubitos de hielo, a play written and directed by Joaquin Górriz.

The day of the photographic session he got into the skin of Colombina, Arlequín, Pierrot… The garments looked magnetic. It has an innate elegance. When the lights went out, after a hard day due to “script demands”, he returned to his routine: rehearsals, castings, hopes…
She deserves this post and much more for her generosity and for describing her profession as a friend of hers does: “to see and to be seen, to listen and to be listened to. To be an interpreter, to bring the words of another to one’s mouth, to one’s heart, in order to change the world not in vain”. It transmits illusion.

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