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Handbag Harlequin of the collection The Comedy of Art

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Handmade, in velvet. Available in two colours: black and green. The handles are interlaced and finished in a knot, so their size can be adjusted. Lined in satin in the same colour as the velvet.

COLOUR: black
MEASUREMENTS: 38 cm wide x 32 high
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton.
CARE: Dry clean.


The Italian Arlecchino is the most popular character of the Commedia dell’Arte, whose origin goes back to the Middle Ages when the figure of the buffoon was well known. Their hats, made of cloth, usually ended in the form of a rooster’s crest, an item of clothing inherited by the first harlequins.

* The Harlequin handbag is handmade, so availability is subject to stock. In this case, we recommend that you contact Pepita t so that your order can reach you as soon as possible.

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Dimensions38 × 32 cm

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