Thinking about how to organize the next Christmas holidays, contemplating a little overwhelmed the professional and personal agenda, the only thing that comes to mind – and I don’t know why – is the champagne.

I remember a phrase by Charles Dickens that said something like “champagne is one of life’s elegant extras”. He’s right. No one can feel vulgar with a glass of this sparkling wine in their hand. One feels like a kind of responsibility when served and tasted. It is curious but it seems that there is an invisible slogan that requires you to be at its height. You may like more or less but just nonsense with him.


Its semantic force is such that even when we describe it as color, we immediately relate the object to something luxurious, glamorous and elegant. Even the way of pronouncing it is sophisticated.  Throughout the history of fashion we have seen much in accessories (think of Egypt, Greece, Rome …) Its combination with gold has catapulted it to be recognized as an indisputable symbol of wealth and power.

The year that is about to evaporate has left precious testimonies of designs in champagne color. To highlight some, I invite you to review the wonderful proposals that Donatella Versace presented in homage to his brother, during a meeting that brought together the top models of the 90. Another delicious example is the much sought-after star Jennifer Lawrence, who distills Hollywood essence every time she turns to him.

Many headlines this year have referred to this tone as the new black. I don’t know if it’ll get that far, but it’s so magical that you don’t have to worry about its combinations. It works with any other color, either in your accessories or dressed feet finish champagne.


Pepita t’s Comedy of Art Collection includes the Pierrot Blouse in two shades: white and – guess what? – champagne.  Obviously we chose white as one of the main characteristics of the character’s blouse but we were doubting whether we could also count on that of the protagonist of this post. We were afraid that color wouldn’t be associated with the plot line of the collection. But we fell for its magic, its brightness, its delicate strength, and its distinction.

It’s been less than a month since we presented the collection and I can assure you that this satin blouse is running out. It’s been such a success that we’re thinking of exhausting the manufacturer’s stock. It has become a classic of Pepita t on its own merits. Let the champagne run… which is giving us so much joy.


The very intelligent Coco Chanel drank champagne only twice: when she was in love and when she was not. My beloved Audrey Herpburn was also in love with this golden, sparkling wine. Both were very thin. Champagne is the least fattening liqueur, specifically the brut and the extra brut. In fact, many models confess that they drink it without feeling remorse.

I won’t be the one to incite anyone to drink. I only emphasize that during these holidays, when we go too far eating and drinking day in and day out, champagne is the least guilty of those ¨gramos¨ more (let’s leave it at that).

And to finish recommending this low-calorie liqueur (note the euphemism), make yourself exquisite and order it at a temperature between 6 and 8 degrees, although it is always better to take it cold: at 3 or 4 degrees. Never more than 10 degrees because the bubbles give way to a cloying broth.


One could write an almost infinite wikipedia of the relationship between champagne and art history. The list of geniuses who have referred to it is inexhaustible.

I remember that Federico Chopin recognized that it drove him a little crazy and led him along spiritual paths. Alejandro Dumas used to put a glass next to his inkwell so that his inspiration would be sparkling. Richard Wagner was reconciled with France -after the resounding failure of Tannhauser in Paris- for not renouncing this wine that gave him back “the taste for life”. Behold “Bar del Folies Bergère” by Manet…

Great days await us in which to toast with family and friends. Let it be with bubbles.





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