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Pepitat. com uses cookies for the sole purpose of offering a more personalised service and to help make browsing its pages easier and more tailored to the preferences of its users. A “cookie” is a small text file that a web page server stores on the user’s hard drive. Cookies cannot in themselves identify a person because they do not refer to any personal data and cannot be executed as code or contain viruses. Most browsers automatically accept “cookies” but it is also possible to set them for non-acceptance. In this case, the user will be able to browse the website, but in order to make a purchase on pepitat. com it will be essential that the browser accept the so-called “session cookies”, those that exist only while it remains on pepitat. com and disappear if the browser is closed.


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 Todos nuestros envíos son gratuitos para la península.

Gracias, podrás disfrutar de un 10% de descuento en cualquier compra realizada del 13 al 16 de diciembre en 1001 Atmosphera

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