Puerta del Ascensor del edificio Chrysler de Nueva York (1930)


In 1925, the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts, held in Paris, was the universal recognition of this artistic movement that flooded all disciplines until 1940.

That it was in the City of Light is not trivial because the world venerated it for being the capital of luxury, glamour, and style.

It is also no coincidence that in 1923 Tutankhamen’s tomb was just discovered in the temple of Luxor, a milestone that infected the artists deco, capturing in their works the unique Egyptian eclecticism, the use of lapis lazuli, black, gold … and decorative elements such as beetles and lotus flowers.

Pepita t has dived into the work of great artists such as Louis-François Cartier, Renè Lalique, and William Morris to present a collection adapted to our time but with the essence of that interwar era determined to live happily, the taste for the exotic, and docorativism. But above all, and in line with the values of our firm, attentive to the predominance of craftsmanship.

Teatro Fox de Washington (1931)


Loving intrigues, family quarrels, acrobatics to survive…. The Comedy of Art is presented as life itself. Its extraordinary characters – with its archetypal personalities and costumes – has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration since the 16th century. Lope de Vega, Shakespeare, Molière, Darío Fo, Goya, Picasso, Cézanne, Gillot, Watteau, Suvorova… the list seems endless.

Hypnotized by the magic of Harlequin, Columbine, Polichinella, the Doctor, or Isabella, they left us testimony of large and colorful necks, ruffles, and original accessories that this collection highlights so that you too can experience its magnetism.

Pierrot and Colombina by Pablo Picasso

Blind Man’s bluff by Goya


Goya’s gaze reviews the delicacy and uniqueness of those women who were not indifferent to the genius. Framed in the majismo, Spain’s greatest contribution to universal fashion, no one like Goya has shown such a genuine and joyful way of dressing.

Bows, colorful, the blue sky of Madrid with its silver veins…. all of them elements captured in his work, are in this collection.


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