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Thinking about how to organize the next Christmas holidays, contemplating a little overwhelmed the professional and personal agenda, the only thing that comes to mind – and I don’t know why – is the champagne. I remember a phrase by Charles Dickens that said something like “champagne is one of life’s elegant extras”. He’s right. No one can feel vulgar with a glass of this sparkling wine in their hand. One feels like a kind of responsibility …


Bajo la sombrilla

Madrid open to the sea

During these days Madrid is open to the sea. I would like to reveal it not only to those of you who have incorporated art and culture into your lives, but also to those of you who need to escape and recover the energy that the sun and the sea give us. The Maphre Foundation exhibits a jewel under the title Rediscovering the Mediterranean which is an absolute haven of peace and light. Those of us who …

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The caprice and the Toile de Jouy

There are places to be visited in company and others in solitude. I think El Parque del Capricho is one of the second in this autumn in Madrid. Once you enter its refined atmosphere, it is impossible to remember the strangling work agenda between so much botanical wealth and small architectures; it is a coquettish paradise of good taste and harmony. I can imagine it in all its splendour at the end of the 18th century, when …

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Free eyes. Exquisite hand

What do we want from art? What is it useful for? Without cover-ups: to provoke pleasure. A sensory pleasure that touches the spirit. Before an artistic work, we immerse ourselves in the atmosphere that the artist has created to share it with us, so that we become impregnated with it and a bond is created, sometimes eternal. The Palace of Gaviria today oozes jazz. It spills elegance and refinement. Through its noble corridors, the high society of …

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A mixture of laughter and seriousness.

Art guides us because artists uniquely interpret the events of human life. The term “Comedy of Art” – the theatrical manifestation in which the new collection is inspired – derives from what “Art” meant in the Middle Ages: Ability; a capacity directed, above all, to “whip power and establish the dignity of the humble. With a mixture of laughter and seriousness”, as the Swedish academics pointed out in 1997 when they awarded the prize par excellence to …

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